Web Hosting

High speed website hosting service with world class server infrastructure

High Speed Web Hosting

Web design agency Creatix provides Managed Google Cloud (or Alibaba Cloud) high speed web hosting for WordPress websites. Take advantage of the world class infrastructure and security of Google. With a wide choice of local datacenter location including Hong Kong, Singapore, London, USA (West and East Coast) and more, this is among the fastest web hosting solution you can get.

SSD: ‘Solid-state drive’

SSD provides a much faster data retrieving speed than the traditional HDD and is now considered the standard for web hosting.

Private server

Not a ‘shared hosting’ service where your website will be ‘co-hosted’ with tens or hundreds of other websites, compromising speed and security.

Full daily backup

Full backup of your whole website, including website files and database, which can be restored (without additional cost) if needed


The most updated version of PHP. Some hosting only support PHP version of up to version 5. 

Free SSL

Ensure credibility of your website by showing it as ‘Secured’ with full SSL certificate

Staging environment

Create a clone of your website where you can do all changes or experiments to your website without touching your live website. 

World Class Server Infrastructure

We deploy Google Cloud (or Alibaba Cloud) private cloud servers to host your website, meaning that your website will be stored and hosted on an actual server facility setup by Google or Aliaba using the highest-end CPUs. Together with the global availability, clients making a switch to our hosting sees a 30% – 150% improvement in performance and speed, just by switching over.

Deliverying satisfaction in China

Our web hosting solution can deliver high speed website loading for any region globally. This includes the Mainland China. Clients whose targets audience from China enjoy high performance website thanks to the globally available CDN (content delivery network) facility.

Our Hosting Service Comes with Free Migration

Top Security

Welcome to Creatix – a web design agency in Hong Kong providing end to end design and build website design service. We create human centric websites for companies that want to establish or transform their online presence. With offic

DDoS attack detection

DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack is an attempt to interfere or disrupt the normal traffic of a website. We keep all our server software up to date to prevent any suspicious activity. 

Enterprise-level firewall

With free Cloudflare integration with IP-based and firewall protecting, we are able to detect and block attacks (or any malicious event) immediately

Malware security pledge

We employ hardware firewalls, active and passive security, and other advanced features to prevent unauthorised access to your data. In the event of a compromised site, we offer free assistance in resolving the issue.