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We would like a quote for a project, what information do you need?

Some of the basic questions we normally request for quotation includes:

  • A site map that outlines all the pages that the website needs to have. We need this information to know how much design and development work that will involve.
  • The number of language versions needed for the website
  • Special functions the website need to perform, other than simply displaying texts and images. Typical example would be: appointment booking engine, event sign up feature, membership feature, etc
  • Timeline / deadline that we are expected to meet
How does a website design project normally go?

Sure! In most website design projects, the workflow normally goes like this:

  • Planning: We gather from you information on what functionalities your new website need to have as well as your preferred style and design (~1 week)
  • Homepage design: We produce the mockups of the Homepage of your new website (~1 week)
  • Subpages design: Once the homepage design is approved, we moved on to produce the mockups for all the remaining pages of the website. At the end of this stage you will be able to see the design of every single pages in your new website (~1-2 week)
  • Development: Once the design is approved we’ll begin the actual development of the website (~3 week)
  • Testing: We’ll release the developed website for you to test as well as tomake changes base on your comments and feedbacks (~1 week)
  • Launch: After everything is tested we help make your website go live
  • Support: Once launched we work with you on the warranty period to troubleshoot or bug fix
How long does a website design project normally take?

It really depends on the size of the website as well as the complexity of the features required. Generally speaking it normally takes us 5 weeks to complete the desgin and development of the whole website. But this timeframe does not include the time you, as the client, take to review our work and provide us with feedbacks. From our experience, building a brochure website without any complicated functionalities would normally take 2-3 months from start to launch.

What is your payment terms and method?

For a full website design project we take 35% at the beginning of the project; 40% after the mockup of the full website is approved and the remaining 25% right before we make the website live.

For payment method, we accept bank transfer or credit card (with 5% payment processing fee on top)

What CMS / programming languages do you use?

We use WordPress as our go-to CMS, it is the most powerful open source CMS in the world with a user friendly and intuitive backend which makes updating and maintaining your website much easier. WordPress powers more than 30% of the top 1,000,000 websites in the world.

Why should we work with Creatix?

There are a couple of things that we think set us apart (or at least make working with us a pleasant experience):

  • Strict project management protocol. In each stage of the project a set of standard checks and controls are in place to make sure even the smallest issue or action point is attended to properly. We also keep a very consistent and regular update schedule with the client to make sure you have the most updated status of the project as well as what to expect in the next stages.
  • Non-technical friendly. We understand that most of our client don’t get involved in a website project all the time so they might not be familiar or comfortable with the technical side of the project. We, therefore, make the ability and eagerness to explain or ‘translate’ technical details or requirements in a much simpler and easily understandable way one of our service quality indicators.
  • Thorough and visionary project scoping. When it comes to complex website requirements, we know what questions to ask in order to understanding clearly what it is that is expected to be delivered. There is rarely any surprise in the projects that we manage, either for us or for the client.
  • Flexible and accommodating. We understand that it is impossible for you to specify every single tiny requirement in a project so we always try to be extra flexible. The last thing we want is having to ask you to pay for anything more than the original project fee.

What do you need from us for you to get started?

The first stage of the web design project is to create the design mockup, in order for us to do that we would need you to provide us with the content (i.e. texts or sections that you would like to show in the pages) so that we can design the layout around them. It doesn’t need to be the final copy as long as we have some idea as to the sections and the approximate length of the copy.

How many people will be assigned to my projects?

In a standard website design project, you will be assigned:

  • Project Manager: he or she will be the main contact person for you throughout the whole project. The Project Manager mainly acts as a bridge of communication between you, the client, and the designer and developer. He or she will also be responsible for helping you on any issues or difficulties you come across or answering any questions you might have during the course of the project.
  • Designer: the designer will mostly be involved in the early stage of the project when we are working to create the design mockup for your new website. 
  • Principal Developer: he or she will be the developer who will build the majority of your new website.
  • Assisting Developer: the Assisting Developer works with the Principal Developer during the course of the project to be fully immersed with overall structure of the website. He or she will then be responsible for tasks like post development testing or any other minor tweaks and optimisations work
How do we communicate throughout the website process?

During the course of the project there will be many points, requirements and feedbacks being exchanged so we will mostly be communicating through e-mails where we can keep a written record of all things discussed. We’ll even use a few different e-mail threads to make sure discussions on different topics are separated so that a clear conversation history can be retrieved.

How do you find out what design we like?

Our team will study your company, your brand, your available content as well the industry as a whole to determine the broad vision and direction. On top of that we have a very thorough client onboarding process where you’ll be sent a design survey with questions about your business, competitors, target audience, ideal brand perception and preference on different design decisions. The response in this survey help us gauge the direction we’ll take when creating the design or layout. We are proud to say that about 90% of the first design concept we created get accepted by our client. With the remaining 10%, they are usually approved after 1-2 iterations. If, on the other hand, you have a very concrete idea as to the style you prefer then feel free to let us know and we will definitely follow that.

What if we don’t like the design you come up with?

Most of our designs are accepted by our clients after 2-3 iteration. But in any case if you are not satisfied, we provide unlimited revision to make sure you’ll end up with the design that you’re 100% happy with.

Are you going to help us source images?

Yup! If you don’t have images that you can provide us we would be happy to help source them for you and place them in the mockup. This doesn’t come with any additional cost unless there is a specific image that you would like to purchase.

Do you provide ongoing website maintenance service?

Absolutely, our website maintenance service helps take care important routine tasks that keep your website running seamlessly. We’ve designed different service plan and they come in different tier of support level, you can find out more about them by visiting our website maintenance page.

Do you provide hosting service?

Yes! We offer managed Google Cloud hosting that comes with:

  • Dedicated hosting environment (not shared with any other websites)
  • Hong Kong data centre
  • SSL certificate included
  • Nginx, LXD containers, PHP7, MariaDB on Google Cloud
  • High speed SSD storage
  • Uptime check every 2 minutes
  • Easy staging environment creation
  • Daily backup for up to 14 days (with free restoration)

To find out more visit our web hosting page.

How can we track the traffic of our website?

All websites we build come with Google Analytic (a free web traffic tracking tool by Google) integration so that you can capture all the traffic data.

Do I own everything in the website after the project is completed?

You own everything after the project is completed and handed over to you.

Are we able to make changes / update our website ourselves?

Absolutely! At the end of the website project we’ll send you a backend user manual custom-written for your website. In the manual we’ll include very thorough instructions with step-by-step guides, screenshots, screen recordings to make sure you will be able to manage and update your website without any technical knowledge.

Are there going to be ongoing costs after the website project is completed?

Yes. To run a website you need 3 ongoing tools / services:

  • Domain (your website url / address);
  • E-mail hosting (the server that hosts and handles your e-mails);
  • Web hosting (the server that hosts and handles your website files for public to access).

How are you going to make sure my website will have a fast loading speed?

Sure! We have standard protocol to make sure your new website is lightning fast:

  • We limit the use of plugins whenever it is possible;
  • Our code and backend design is extrememly organised and well-documented
  • We optimise page size and http requests to reduce the time needed to load
  • Other more technical measures we take inclide: selectively loading Javascript and CSS, merging Javascript and CSS, removing quiry strings from static resources, adding expires headers, eliminating render-blocking JavaScript and CSS, etc

Do note though there are still other external factors that could affect the speed of the website and the hosting solution you choose is one of the major factors.

What security measures will my new website have?

Websites built using WordPress will rarely run into severe security issues. The most common ‘threat’ you could expect would be spam. To tackle that, all websites we build come with security plugin and Google reCAPTCHA 3 installed to prevent your website from attacks and spams.

What about SEO, will my website rank in Google?

We will not be able to guarantee that your website will be ranked 1st in Google as there are a lot of factors affecting it. What we can guarantee is that all websites we build are search engine optimised, we have a standard protocal in making sure the on-site SEO is fully configured in your new website.

Will my website be responsive?

Absolutely! We use WordPress as our go-to CMS and it is mobile responsive by default. In fact it would be harder for us to build a website that is non-responsive.

What is a CMS?

CMS is short for Content Management System, it is the term used to describe the environment / system you use to manage the contents (i.e. texts and images) in your website, basically the ‘backend’ / ‘admin panel’ of your website. There are a lot of CMS available in the market, some required payment whilst others are open-source (free to use). The top CMS by market shares are: WordPress (60%), Joomla (5%), Drupal (3.5%), Shopify (2.7%), Squarespace (2.7%). At Creatix we use WordPress for most of our web development projects.

What are plugins in WordPress?

Consider Plugins as a package of code / add-ons that you can add to your WordPress website to perform a particular function. These plugins are developed by different developers / companies from the WordPress community around the world. Some of the more well-known WordPress plugins inlcude: WooCommerce (which include a whole ecosystem of handling e-Commerce functionalities), Yoast SEO, WPML (handles all things multi-lingual) and many more. Some of these plugins require payment while some are free.

When do I need to purchase a domain?

The whole website project will be done on our staging server and domain so we would only need your live domain after the whole website is completed and when we are ready to move the website live.

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